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A Perverted Writer
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Alright, so a few weeks ago, I put up a poll asking about the Unending BE site. Most people didn't seem to know about it, so I figure it's worth sharing. I'm totally not that knowledgeable about the website itself. I do know that it's one of the earliest sites for BE fiction out there, going all the way back to 1998. Then, it started as an original story. A collaborative effort. Someone would begin the story and offer options as to where it goes, other people would do the same and so on. It's similar to, except in my opinion the BE Addventure is so much better. It's bare-bones, but it works. There are no ads, you can have anywhere from one to six options, link back to previous options, host images in the text, and leave comments. All in all it's a far better system. I have some additions on I really should try and transfer over at some point.

I hadn't really bothered to check it out until a friend of mine told me he wrote there. You may know him as PyroWildcat, who wrote many excellent stories before he was kicked off DA, including a great One Piece story. Well, he wanted to keep writing One Piece it seems, so he started a line called 'Waking Up with Curves'. The idea here is that any character suddenly wakes up one day, tremendously expanded. I loved the idea and began to contribute. I now have about 70 or so additions to the site, and try to write one a day. I thought I'd list what I've worked on here for you.

However, I'm doing this in good faith. I work really hard on my entries. Some of them are short, but none of them are less than several paragraphs, and some can be five to eight pages long. The site already has a wide range of quality. Entries can range from beautiful, emotionally compelling descriptions of growth and sex, to 'As her breasts jiggled Risky noticed a slip of paper lodged in her cavernous cleavage. Pulling it out and unfolding it the pirate first zeroed in on her archenemy Shantae's signature.' That is an actual entry. Somebody thought that was worthy of posting. So, all I'm asking is please don't try and write for the site if you don't consider yourself a writer. Seeing a bad continuation of something I wrote just kills my motivation to work on that plot any further. Feel free to comment, of course. 

Anyway, here's what I've worked on. To begin, here is everything I've written up to the end of October:…
I've written more since then. The best way to view recent additions is here:…
And if you're looking for fanfiction threads in particular, go here:…

Here are the main threads I've contributed to:
One Piece Waking Up with Curves:…
This is the starting point for the thread started by PyroWildcat. It's got a seriously large amount of continuations to it. I'll try and guide you to the ones that have the most added to them:

Nami has two threads that have quite a lot added to them. The first would be selecting Nami, then the option where Robin has also expanded, then the option where their clothes transform. This thread and the ideas were in were mainly the idea of another friend of mine, it's excellent. Has a lot of different growth, great character descriptions, and a cohesive narrative. If you like the way this plays out, similar threads can be reached for Tashigi and Vivi, after the trickster of the story talks to Nami and Robin for the first time.The second option is selecting Nami, then the option where Robin helps her, then the treasure chest option. If you haven't figured it out by now, any option with an asterisk (*) means that option has been written. If you reach a dead end, you can try going back and seeing what else was added. That one has a looot of sex and transformation.

Robin has several threads worth checking out. If you choose the route before the time skip, she has some fun in Perona's castle. If you choose after the time skip, you can enjoy her growth being caused by a new artifact she found, or Nami's trickery.

Vivi has a few. You can choose for her story to be when she travels with the Straw Hats, where Nami has some fun with her. If you choose to read her time as an undercover agent, Ms. All-Sunday either gives her a Milk Devil Fruit or a Candy Devil Fruit and both have some fun moments.

Tashigi has two options. One has her being attacked by a perverted female pirate with a kinky Devil Fruit. This is my own creation, so I really like that one. The other option leaves her stuck on an amazonian island where a lot of sexy accidents befall her.

Nojiko has a good thread where she gets an Ink Devil Fruit, and joins the Marines.

Hina's thread has her being attacked by a different pirate, this one is Pyrowildcat's creation.

Neither of Kalifa's threads go too far, but they're both enjoyable regardless. She either plays with a special brand of Dial, or eats a Rumble Ball.

Domino's thread is one of the longest, and is where my pirate OC first showed up. Lots of fun with her, Domino, and later Hina. I highly recommend that one.

Besides the One Piece thread, I've added to a few others here and there.

Hinata's Wishing Rock:… This is the main start of this thread by another user. I contribute later on, and he responds with incredibly awesome entries. He's a really good author, and this thread has some great lesbian antics with Sakura and Hinata.

Eiken Curse:… An idea that I and a friend came up with, this one has a lot of options available, but the one with the most in it is for Kill la Kill and Satsuki. I do intend to get back to this one, but I won't be continuing off the most recent entry, I did not like where it was going.

The Multiverse Traveling Autocloset Persona 4:… is the start of this one. My main addition is for Naoto>Face>Something Else>Gothic. There's another author there named Shemale Sakura. Their stuff is great, but they are into dickgirls, so if you are like me and that's not a fetish for you, be wary of their entries. It's usually pretty obvious when they are about to do it though, the parts before that particular tf happens are still a good read.

Code Cocknosis:… This is a long, long thread, but it's a great read if you like hypnosis and Code Geass. I've only added one entry, here:… but do intend to add more. The others who added to this thread are fantastic. Lumitiel is probably the best writer on the site.

Real World Sailor Moon:… This is a stretch. This is a great, great, great series by Lumitiel. In fact, just go read a bunch of his stuff:… Anyway, I haven't added to Sailor Moon yet, but I do hope to, because I love it. I have added to it in some capacity here:…  but this takes place after a split in the Sailor Moon story, taking place in the Tenchi Muyo world instead. Either way, read the Sailor Moon thread.

I think that's about it. I try and add to it about once a week or so, sometimes more. It's a great site with a lot to offer. Just be wary of some of the lesser entries. I hope you enjoy. Remember, stay courteous, stay perverted, stay friendly.

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