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A Perverted Writer
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My very good friend :iconcaptainsanji: just finished an amazing story you all should read. Especially if you love cowgirls, and considering how many people favorited Milky Mess, this will be right up your alley. It's a great cowgirl story featuring my favorite Fairy Tail character, Erza. With very strong overtones of hypnosis, expansion, cuteness, perfect characterization, andsome Fairy Tail OCs that he, I, and :iconpanahinuva: created for roleplays. It's absolutely wonderful.

Titania Brand Milk Part 1Titania Brand Milk Part 1
“Good girl…hold still now, let me get the bucket set up…”
“Yes, I know you’re very full…and we’re going to take care of that right now...we’ll get you milked and you’ll feel so much better.”
“That’s right. What a good cow! Look how fresh and perfect your milk is! Why, we’ll meet our production quota in-!”
“Lady Rozalin!”
The milk bucket almost flipped over as the sudden call startled the woman sitting on the stool. She clutched her chest for a second to regulate her breathing before looking up, glancing at the woman behind her in the open barn door.
“Ah…E-Erza, please, don’t sneak up on me like that…and I told you at the start of the job, there’s no need for such formality with a simple dairy farmer like me- please, just Rozalin will do.”
Titania Brand Milk Part 2Titania Brand Milk Part 2
            “You’re…sure about this? I mean…don’t misunderstand, this isn’t anything permanent…not usually, anyway… It’s just that this is such…an unusual request from one such as you, Erza.”
            Porlyusica, the medical adviser for Fairy Tail arched an eyebrow as she gazed down at the serious eyes of the armor mage. It had been two days since her mission at the ranch, and Erza was wearing her usual armor-and-skirt outfit today, though her skirt was white instead of blue this time. She also had on the cowbell Rozalin had given her. She had crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her own head right back at the elderly healing mage.
            “Of course. I do not make such decisions about my own appearance so lig
Titania Brand Milk Part 3     Titania Brand Milk Part 3       
            “Excuse me…? You’re serious? Are you…feeling okay, Erza? You really have been acting strange this week…”
            Erza growled in annoyance, shaking her head and making the cowbell rattle again. “How many times do I have to hear that…? No, I am not feeling okay…moooo…that’s why I asked for help! Moooo can do this, can’t you, Cana?”
            The Card Wizard stared back at Erza with a raised eyebrow, her current tankard of ale starting to spill off the side of the table, as she had dropped it when Erza approached with her question…though she swiftly put a stop to that with a flash from one of her cards, on which was drawn a tangle of pipe, causing the li

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