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(Contains: sexual themes)
Touta wasn’t scared of the gigantic woman who had seemingly shown up out of nowhere. He had little reason to be scared of anything anymore, being immortal made death kind of blase. But, what did worry him was the fact that Yukihime was nervous about this strange woman. The tall blonde woman was visibly sweating as the huge lady held onto her wrist, preventing her from striking the young boy in the midst of an identity crisis. He supposed she did look quite intimidating. Her stature was immense in every way possible. She was a head taller than Yukihime, with a torso three times as wide as the thin vampire, and a bust so big that Touta and Yukihime’s heads could have fit in one of her bra cups.

She was undeniably fat. But at the same time, she carried herself remarkably well. While she had a notable double chin and a wide, pudgy face, there was an elegance about her. Most likely it was the large, gaudy necklace she wore. In fact, everything she wore could be considered gaudy, from her ostentatious, wide-brimmed hat, to the scarlet, fingerless opera gloves that covered her thick, soft arms, to the dress that wrapped around her wide drum of a rear and tightly kept her thick thighs and calves together. The word huge just kept pounding itself into Touta’s mind as he looked at her. Huge, gigantic, way too big, and he was fairly certain she was supposed to be wearing something over or under her bustier. The way her fat belly oozed a bit out of the strings tying the two halves together was a bit unsettling.

“A… A giant lady?” he muttered, mostly to himself. But it was loud enough for the woman to hear it. Her response was to knock Touta across the room. It didn’t do much more than take the breath out of his lungs, but it still took him by surprise, especially since she had seemingly helped him just a few seconds earlier. He recovered and  kept asking questions like the child he truly was, trying to get answers as quickly as possible. Thankfully the woman was generous with the answers, revealing herself to be a true vampire, named Dana, according to Yukihime. So she was a vampire as well, then. Touta still didn’t understand why Yukihime was scared of this woman. He’d seen her in action, she’d mopped the floor with anybody she came across, easily the most powerful person he’d ever seen. The woman had centuries of experience under her belt, and had helped train his grandfather, who had saved two planets with incredible magic skill, and she was STILL stronger than him. How could Dana be a threat?

“Are you immortal like us too, granny?” Touta said. His lack of tact shined as brightly as ever.

“Well, more so than Kitty over there,” she said, throwing a cursory glance in Yukihime’s direction. “Oh, and anyone who calls me ‘granny’ will be killed for every time the word passes their lips.” Okay, now Touta was scared.

“Alright, Dana, what are you doing here?” Yukihime asked, obviously peeved that this woman her intruded on them without stating her business.

“You! Evangeline Athanasia Kitty McDowell!!” Dana said, pointing an accusing finger at the blonde vampire. Yukihime took an anxious step back as Dana’s large digit thrust itself in her direction.

‘Kitty?’ Touta thought to himself, though thankfully he didn’t say it out loud. He’d already angered one imposing woman today, he didn’t need to add a second to the list. Dana had called Yukihime by her true name as well, and since they hadn’t seen each other in centuries, Yukihime must have left quite an impression on the rotund vampire. Come to think of it, she had managed to recognize Yukihime in her current glamor. Her true form was sadly quite short, flat, and young-looking. Dana immediately began to tease her about this, by poking Yukihime right in the chest, pushing aside the tie she wore so the digit could press into the blonde’s chest. There was an audible squish when her finger pushed into the right boob.

“Oho, very well done. You followed my advice and gave yourself a rack. Did you fall in love or something? But, however well you endow yourself, it really won’t change the fact that you’re just a skinny little girl.”

“Nobody asked you!” Yukihime shouted. She stepped back from Dana again and covered her left breast with her hand to prevent further molestation, causing her loose tie to swing in the air. “Did you come all the way down to human civilization just to tell me that?? You she-bear!” Dana grinned, spreading her thick lips in a devious smile as she started at Yukihime with her odd, concentric irises.

“Oh no, it’s just, well, if you’re going to put them there,” Dana said, snapping her finger in Yukhime’s direction. “You have to be willing to go the distance.” Before Yukihime could ask for clarification, her breasts suddenly doubled in size. Her current form was an illusion she’d been projecting for several years for her Yukihime identity, but Dana had now corrupted the blonde’s bust for her own amusement. A pink blush ran across Yukihime’s face from cheek to cheek as her shirt spread wider, instantly regretting her choice to not button up her shirt all the way. But, as shameful as it was to admit, Dana was right, and Yukihime liked showing off her chest from time to time. Relieving two buttons of their duty seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now however, her decision to be sultry just made it easier to see the extra boobage she carried thanks to Dana. Her tie tightened as it was flung upward from the force of her tits bursting out of her top. They grew so much that the edge of her lacy, floral bra could be seen, which only embarrassed her more. The light pink garment was bought on a whim for how intricate the design was, and now it was only heightening her humiliation.

Even though he was standing behind at an angle to Yukihime, Touta still got a fantastic view of his guardian’s breasts as they jiggled wildly in her top. It was like instead of filling them with natural breast tissue, Dana had injected them with an incredibly soft jelly. The young boy managed to hold back a blush

Yukihime was surprised to find that not only had Dana modified her illusion, but she had somehow linked the breasts to her body by sense as well. She could actually feel her breasts move around and bounce in her top. The coconut-sized boobs had deep cleavage that was almost hypnotic and she found herself staring down at them for a few seconds as Touta exclaimed his shock at her growth. The woman was almost tempted to touch them, but decided against it. She was amazed at how perfect the illusion was though, not only could she feel them, but she felt the way her jacket was rubbing up against their sides, tickling her a bit. They even pulled her forward a bit from how heavy they were. She had incredible strength, but was brought off-balance by their girth and incessant jiggling. Even when she wasn’t moving, it was like they were wobbling of their own accord.

“It’s a three-millennium truth that when it comes to a woman’s breasts, bigger is better. Do you like them, boy?” Dana asked Touta. Despite being blind in one eye at the moment, Touta did in fact like what he saw. Not only was Yukihime’s beauty magnified by her marvelous mammaries, but her awkward reaction to the growth and the cute blush across her face made her look even more appealing. Touta’s affection for Yukihime had been growing and changing, and his thoughts were now shifting once again as he stared at the vampire’s busty body.

“They’re too big, you tasteless woman!” the blonde shouted as she supported her bust with one arm. She subconsciously hefted them up a little bit with that arm, making her jacket brush against them as well. The woman pushed her knees together; her breasts were never this sensitive. Dana must have messed with that setting of her illusion as well. She was absolutely furious at the older, pureblood vampire for taunting her in such a juvenile fashion. The woman was acting no more mature than the schoolgirls she used to hang out with, trying to inflate their breasts to impress their teacher. What an absolute bunch of perverts, she thought, blushing a bit more as she briefly reminisced.

Touta only now just realized Dana had asked him a question, and he wasn’t quite sure how to respond. It was impossible to deny Yukihime looked hotter with bigger breasts, but he couldn’t admit that. The woman helped raise him and took care of him, it felt weird to say she looked sexy as hell. But, something about Yukihime standing there, flustered, ready to completely pop out of her top… it made his head tingle in all the right ways. Both of them. He had only comes to terms with the epiphany that he loved Yukihime, but, he hadn’t intended his love to be in such a perverted, lustful manner. He had to let Yukihime know that his thoughts were pure.

“Like hell I’d like ‘em like that, granny!” Touta said fiercely, managing to pry his eyes away from Yukihime’s blooming chest and stare at Dana instead. The fat woman just widened her smirk.

“Oh, is that so?” Touta nodded as Yukihime held out her hand in defense of herself. She was visibly sweating a bit, focusing on her magic to try and dispel Dana’s illusion to return to her regular form. But, no matter how hard she tried, something was just not working. Her breasts were still unnecessarily large and jiggly.

“Ugh, dammit, I’ll just-” she said, trying to summon her magic once again. “What’s going on? There’s a weird lock on this illusion.” Hundreds of years since she’d last seen Dana and the giant woman still had an advantage over her. She was still a ridiculous tease as well.

“Most men would fall instantly for a chest that size. You are a demanding little boy, aren’t you?”

“Huh? No, that’s not-” Touta tried to say, but Dana cut him off once again and flicked her finger. “Very well. Happy now?” Touta’s neck almost snapped as he turned to face Yukihime, just in time to see her breasts triple in size, growing out into the biggest jugs he’d ever seen. Actually, with Dana’s breasts more covered up, it was harder to tell which of the two was larger. Yukihime’s certainly looked bigger, especially on her thinner frame, and the fact that they were completely exposed, breaking all but one button on her jacket and flopping out of her bra.

“Y-Yukihime?!” he shouted, staring at her breasts so hard that he thought his eye would pop out of his head. They were just resting there, daring him to continue looking, and he didn’t have the willpower to resist their alluring siren song. Her long strands of silky blonde hair tried to cover up her nipples like a glorious representation of a busty, topless goddess. But Yukihime wasn’t standing still, and every once in a while her body would twitch and her hair would move out of the way. For a brief, fleeting moment, he’d see one of her puffy pink nipples as the hair brushed against it, and he felt his blood flow shoot downwards.

Yukihime was mortified. The sensitivity of her breasts had shot up once again thanks to Dana’s magic. She had to take a few short breaths to try and calm herself down. Just the stimulation of her hairs rubbing against her areolae had made her spine surge with pleasurable tingles that made her arch her back, causing her breasts to jut out even more than they already did. The woman couldn’t even express her anger, or her embarrassment at her situation. The breath was taken out of her lungs with the next rub of her breasts. Thank goodness her jacket wasn’t holding her breasts in anymore. That much pressure on her chest would have made her buckle over after a few seconds of dealing with the sensation.

The vampire tried once again to dispel the illusion on her body. Since her previous attempts had failed, it might require some physical contact. The woman tried to grab her breasts, as if her reversal spell would literally push her breasts back into her chest. But all she succeeded in doing was sending a shiver down her spine that made her knees buckle and added a drop of moisture to her panties. Yukihime wasn’t a prude, but even during the few times she used magic for her own personal pleasure she hadn’t made her sensitivity this high. Her breasts were even more sensitive than her g-spot. She had to get her hair out of the way. The cool air might have been bad, but hopefully wasn’t as bad as the texture of her hair against her bust. If only Touta would stop looking at her with a growing blush on his face and something else growing as well.

“Hm, the balance is off. We’ll have to fix her backside, as well.” The blonde suddenly felt a strong tingle in her backside. Her eyes widened and her jaw fell as she realized what was happening. The expansion of her ass was quick and sudden, making her pencil skirt rip down both sides, thankfully managing to stay attached around her waist. But the back half of the skirt now didn’t cover anything, especially not her enormous, wobbly badonkadonk that stuck out from her back like a spare shelf. Like Dana had said, having a big butt did help balance her out some, but it was still the complete opposite of helping.

“Gyaaa! Yukihime?!” Touta said, needing to hold his nose to stop the trickle of blood coming out of his nostrils. Right now he was begging for that jacket to fall off of Yukihime so he could see those pale, succulent butt cheeks. On closer inspection, it wasn’t just her backside that had swollen out. Dana had widened her hips and thighs as well, giving her a ridiculous hourglass figure. Yukihime kept her hands away from her sides, afraid to touch her body. Her underwear was digging into her womanhood and making her skin flush pink with arousal. This was bad, she could barely control herself at this point. Her ass was as sensitive as her breasts, and she didn’t have the advantage of her butt being completely naked. Just like Touta, she was ironically wishing she had less clothes on. She had no choice and pulled her arms back so her jacket slid off of her body.

Touta’s gaze met Yukihime’s and both turned away from each other, only Touta’s stare instantly returned to Yukihime’s voluptuous body. She was red as a cherry and panting, sweating more and more. Perspiration was building up around her swollen, milky-white boobs. He wondered how nobody else was paying attention, and realized Dana must have put them all under another illusion that made them invisible to passerby. Yukihime’s thighs rubbed up against each other as she tried to catch her breath. It was not helping in the slightest. Her womanhood was getting a wedgie from her panties, and she prayed they’d just snap off already and relieve her of this pressure. Then she felt another poof, and let out a moan that had been building up in her throat for a while now.

“Yes, let’s flesh her out all over…” Dana said methodically, her tone as serious as if she were a doctor operating on a patient. She had just performed another spell on Yukihime and caused her belly to expand like she had been inflated with helium. The girl was still stuck on the ground, in full sight of Touta and her other partner, Fate. Touta looked at Fate, knowing the man was incredibly strong as well, and wondering if he’d put a stop to this nonsense. But, he looked just as enthralled as Touta was. He wouldn’t consider Dana hot, he never thought he was into big women. But Yukihime… Dana had somehow made her even sexier.

Like an ancient fertility statue, Yukihime was now curvy in three places at once. Her body bulged out so much that the vest she wore under her jacket broke off, leaving her completely bare from the waist up. Not only was her belly sticking out like she was several months pregnant, but she was fat all over, just like Dana. Her waist widened further, making her lose her hourglass figure as her love handles grew like bread dough in the oven. She didn’t have any rolls of fat, or loose skin. Her body was still tight, just amazingly soft and doughy, like her torso was almost spherical except for her massive tits. Touta stared with a drooling mouth. Dana had made her boobs even bigger once again, and Yukihime thought the same thing judging by how her fingers brushed against her nipple.

Yukihime was struggling to stay standing. Everything felt way too nice on her body. She had goosebumps all over her chest, making her nipples puffy up like shot glasses. Her hips were twitching as she kept clenching and unclenching her butt cheeks, feeling the silken fabric of her panties rub up against her crack. She moaned once again as the moisture continued to build in her womanhood, dripping a few drops of feminine fluids down her thick thighs. She was losing control of her body and mind. The vamp was more aroused than ever before, and her blush had spread to her breasts as well as they grew heated from her lust.

“Yes, this is it!” Dana said as she did another spell on Yukihime. The blonde let out an even sluttier moan as she climaxed. It was on the one hand, an incredible relief for her. On the other hand, it was quite obvious that she came, judging by the satisfied look on her face and the sensual sounds escaping her lips. Her hands went down to her crotch and found out that her skirt had ripped to shreds as well, thanks to the newest growth. Her womanhood had blossomed like a flower in spring, bulging forward with posie-pink labia and a throbbing gumball-sized clit. This was by far the worst change yet. Her breasts had already surpassed her vagina for being the most sensitive part of her body. The girl didn’t want to find out if her womanhood had taken first place again, but her hands discovered the answer for her. Against her will, they rubbed against her pussy and made her tremble with desire, giving her barely enough control to pull out the scrap of drenched panties stuck in her slit. Now she was pretty much naked, just her shoes and socks clothing her. This was already embarrassing enough, she hoped Dana didn’t decide to give her giant feet either, just for the sake of making her completely nude.

“Ahhhh~ Nuh…” The expanded woman tried to utter a word, any word. But all that came out of her mouth were groans of pleasure that wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a hentai. She was standing on her tiptoes as if having less contact with the ground would stop the electric tremors running through her body, making her body writhe in ecstasy. The vampire was no longer trying to dispel the powerful illusion, she was just trying to stop herself from giving in to baser desires and grope herself. Just one firm squeeze of her tits would bring another climax to the flustered woman. Touta was approaching her now, she could see him out of the corner of her eye. But she was too nervous to even tilt her head right now, afraid the hair rubbing against her sensitive skin would make her fall over.

“Beautiful!” Dana said. Touta couldn’t stop his approach of the taller, rotund, sexy woman. His mouth was stuck open and his hands were twitching with anticipation. His breathing was heavy and his face was as scarlet as a tomato. As much as he wanted to disagree with Dana, she was right. Her latest addition had added a succulent pair of lips to Yukihime’s face. A face that he would have said was flawless until now, but the lips being as thick as hot dogs proved him wrong. Yukihime tried to speak once again, but thanks to how thick and plump her suckers were, nothing comprehensible came out.

“Mmffah,” she mumbled, trying to say Touta’s name to get him away from her. He was only a foot away from her now, and his hands were outstretched like a zombie. His face was similarly brain-dead, apparently focused on only one thing. She couldn’t let him touch her, it would send her over the edge for sure. One orgasm was bad enough, more would be mortifying. Yukihime moaned again as she moved her hands forward to try and stop him. All this did was squish her breasts together like two mounds of pudding colliding and squishing together. Against her better judgement, Yukihime tried an incantation in hopes it would push Touta away. With her lips in the way, all that came out was a series of mumbles. With her lips looking like shiny pink tubes, and as sensitive as every other inch of her body, trying to speak a whole sentence was as amazing as sticking several vibrators inside her body at once.

“Mmm, mmm!” she cried out as she had another orgasm, gasping for breath for a moment before her lips slammed shut again, making her eyes roll back in her head. Her knees pushed together and she pushed her body forward as her nipples throbbed. Her strength gave out and she collapsed right on top of Touta, who instantly forgot everything he had ever learned about fast movement. His hands reached up to try and catch Yukihime, and fate decreed they’d land right on the older woman’s melons. He squeezed, hard, and Yukihime climaxed for a third time, getting his pants damp with her moisture.

He felt his entire body get surrounded by softness. It was the most amazing sensation he’d ever felt, like taking a bath in marshmallow fluff. His hands squeezed and probed her breasts as drool ran out the side of his mouth, too awestruck to properly process what he was seeing and feeling. Touta took a vacation on the immortal’s body, and his fingers poked all over her voluptuous, wobbly form. His hand goosed her bulbous backside and fondled her sides. He felt her puckered lips rubbing against his body every now and then, and heard how she kept mumbling and moaning with desire. They were stuck in a loop. Every time Yukihime came, her body jiggled and wobbled again, which renewed Touta’s addiction to her succulent form. His gropes and squeezes would push her over the edge again, and the process would repeat. The two were stuck together, and frankly were so aroused that they didn’t mind their situation.

Meanwhile, Fate was still paralyzed, like he’d fallen victim to his trademark petrification spell. Dana just shook her head and walked over to the writhing masses of Yukihime and Touta, making a ‘tut-tut’ sound with her tongue. She heard Touta was in a tournament, trying to get stronger. The noble vampire wanted to help him, but it was clear he still had a far way to go.

“Touta, if you’re interested in getting stronger, the first step is pushing Yukihime off of you. It’s a good thing we’re all immortal,” she said, before hefting up her chest by crossing her arms under her bust. Touta barely heard her, too busy losing his mind in softness and lust that was just getting stronger by the minute. Maybe if he stayed under Yukihime a little longer, Dana would use another spell to make Yukihime even bigger...
HugeBoob Holder
Story contains breast expansion, butt expansion, lip expansion, body expansion, and labia expansion.

This is a story based on an amazing scene from the manga UQ Holder which you can see here: This is simply my take on it, how I would have written it. Either way, god bless Akamatsu for having such an expansion fetish.


A Perverted Writer
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United States
I already mentioned uploading things to Furaffinity, however, the main problem I have with that is that stories are not automatically displayed, they need to be downloaded.

I was thinking of having a presence on the Process Forum, however, I believe you can only have an account there if you're an artist/writer yourself, which is bad for most of my watchers.

I could do a tumblr, but searching for my stories seems like it'd be a hassle, right? is malware ridden, so definitely nothing there.

I could do something with GoogleDocs, maybe, if there's a way to hide my personal info. Could just make a BioYuGi googledoc.

Over a dozen of my stories have now been removed so I'll undoubtedly need to find a better place to exist, while posting previews here or something, or making sure the only things I upload here are for legal age characters.

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